Case Study: Localization of a Leading Operating System



Localization of Mac OS SnowLeopard along with plug-ins into CEE languages

  • Requirements of the highest quality standards for the end product
  • Necessity to maintain high terminological consistency between the engine and third party plug-ins
  • Strict terminological rules and complex custom rules for localization in the source code
  • Localization to be carried out with client specific CAT software and third party term bases


  • Structured project glossaries developed at the initial stage are being regularly updated in the workflow and changes are seamlessly implemented retroactively in the real time
  • Localization of plug-ins proceeds according to the schedule set up in order to ensure the reciprocal consistency
  • Continuous checks with the aim to ensure the intactness of the source code and consistency
  • Flawless conversion of platform glossaries and translation memories into formats compatible with client CAT tools
  • With permanent quality checks in the workflow the output successfully passes client’s strict quality tests on the first try