Case Study: Translation of Book for Poker Players

Book of Poker Translation


Book of Poker Strategies for Players of #1 Online Poker Operator

  • Translation of the book “Let’s Play Poker” by Lee Nelson. Over 60 000 words (app. 220 standard pages)
  • Advanced poker situations and strategies to be translated in a clear and accessible way
  • Unification of in-game symbols and terminology according to the standards of the target languages


  • Careful selection of working teams among linguists with proven record in poker projects who were at the same time experienced poker players
  • Additional supervision by an independent poker specialist for 100% accuracy of the outcome
  • Unification of in-book terminology with the poker jargon of the target languages and with the terminology used by local PokerStars players in PokerStars gaming systems and forums
  • Detailed coordination with client’s desktop publisher for custom layout and formatting
  • Timely delivery according to the schedule
  • Free linguistic consultations for the client during and after the workflow

Case Study: Localization of Casino Games and Deliveries of Content Updates

Casino Translation


Localization of New Casino Games and Creation of Content Updates in Various Language Versions

  • Exciting new online games available in different language versions
  • Regular updates of website content customized for local markets


  • Different worklow checks for improved quality of the outcome
  • Implementation of special rules and restrictions for game buttons and other GUI (Graphical User Interface) elements ensuring their correct displaying in games
  • On-site quality assurance checks after the final delivery in order to manually spot any possible bugs from the player’s view
  • Creation and copywriting of new content according to the marketing needs of a particular market
  • Translation and adaptation of shared materials

Case Study: Localization of a Leading Operating System



Localization of Mac OS SnowLeopard along with plug-ins into CEE languages

  • Requirements of the highest quality standards for the end product
  • Necessity to maintain high terminological consistency between the engine and third party plug-ins
  • Strict terminological rules and complex custom rules for localization in the source code
  • Localization to be carried out with client specific CAT software and third party term bases


  • Structured project glossaries developed at the initial stage are being regularly updated in the workflow and changes are seamlessly implemented retroactively in the real time
  • Localization of plug-ins proceeds according to the schedule set up in order to ensure the reciprocal consistency
  • Continuous checks with the aim to ensure the intactness of the source code and consistency
  • Flawless conversion of platform glossaries and translation memories into formats compatible with client CAT tools
  • With permanent quality checks in the workflow the output successfully passes client’s strict quality tests on the first try

Case Study: Content Building for Slovak Affiliate Website

Casino Games


Build Successful Casino Affiliate Website for Quickly Growing Slovak Gaming Market
  • Creation of rich and attractive content with the best online casino information on Slovak internet
  • Obtaining the leading position in search engines with great potential of sustainability
  • Latest updates about casino promotions and events
  • Promotion of brand among clients and partners
  • Recruitment of stable team of experienced writers and web administrators


  • became a popular casino affiliate website among Slovak players in just a few months since its first appearance
  • Regular original content as well as translated articles from partner websites are being published on the fly
  • Rich multimedia content including pictures and videos from playing
  • Casino reviews, games’ descriptions, glossaries and guides to the games – richest gaming content in Slovak language
  • Dynamic content with latest promotions and updates from affiliate casinos
  • Elaborate organic SEO keyword structure implemented in all elements of website structure
  • Constant growth of SEO results for all keyword positions
  • New opportunities created for both local Gaming and global iGaming partners for their presentation
  • Small integrated team of copywriters and technical designers delivering long-term efficiency and reliability

Case Study: Full Localization of Betting, Casino and Poker Website

Gaming Translation


Expansion of Top European Multilingual Gaming Website into Selected Central and Eastern European Languages

  • Localization of Sportsbetting, Casino, Poker products
  • Over 150.000 words per language
  • Region-specific terminologies of players
  • Delivery of the best quality, end-user, ready-to-use product

Recruitment of Local Customer Support Teams


  • Deployment of advanced CAT software technologies for synchronisation of translated content among translation teams in the real time
  • Scheduled deliveries for sequential seamless implementation of the content
  • Parallel recruitment of local Customer Care staff, screening of candidates, interviews and consultancies
  • Close cooperation with client’s headquarters as well as with recruited local teams for fine-tuning of translations
  • Building and updating of project glossaries for improved consistency
  • Cross-language Quality Assurance
  • Timely delivery of all ordered services