2016 Discounts for Central and Eastern European Languages

We are happy to announce our special offer for 2016!

Expand to the „new“ European markets with us and cut your costs for the good start.

Order any services in at least one Central and Eastern European language at the special discounted rate!

We offer 10% discount for your order of any services in CEE languages until the end of 2016.

This offer applies to the following languages:

Translation OfferBulgarian Language

Croatian Language

Czech Language

Estonian Language

Hungarian Language

Latvian Language

Lithuanian Language

Polish Language

Romanian Language

Russian Language

Serbian Language

Slovak Language

Slovenian Language

Special Offers for Multilingual Projects!

Content & Co. now offers a special discount for orders of translation projects with 4 and more target languages.

All our clients can now enjoy the same high quality services at even lower costs.

Order now your translation into 4 or more languages with 7% discount!

Discounts For High-Volume Orders

Save more with extensive projects!

This great offer may help you to keep the costs at bay even with high-volume projects. Start saving money when you need our services for extensive amounts of materials and documents.

Enjoy even bigger discounts for extended volumes:

– 5% for projects over 10.000 words*

– 7% for projects over 20.000 words*

– 10% for projects over 30.000 words*

Contact us now and get your discounted quote!

*Wordcount is calculated for each language pair separately.

Cost Cutting Translation and Copywriting Solutions

Save Money on Translation and Copywriting Agencies… have the job done by pros directly!

Content & Co. comes with the offer that brings together advantages of highly specialized agencies and cost cutting services of freelancers.

Your company can now enjoy the fully professional and complex linguist support at the price of direct service providers!

Agencies Or Freelancers? What To Choose for Your Business (Knowledge Base)

Outsource Management: How It Works

If you opt for our Outsource Management solution, we will not become your provider of translation/copywriting services and you only pay for a team of professionals, chosen and provided to you.

The Outsource Management solution provides you with a highly trained project manager who will take over your project. It involves taking care of recruitment of a linguist team, the whole project workflow and project delivery for you.

You will get a specialist who can find the best linguist professionals at considerably lower rates, manage their work on the fly, and make sure the final product meets the highest quality standards. No mediators, no extra costs, no legal obligations towards the additional employees.

What you pay:

  • Rates of freelancers in your team, negotiated by our project manager and agreed on by you
  • Time based rate for the project manager

What you get:

  • Low cost and high quality linguistic services
  • Highly trained project manager who takes care of the whole process from the scratch
  • Team of carefully selected linguist pros at their own rates
  • As many workflow stages as you wish including proofreading and Quality Assurance
  • High level consistency and accuracy just as if you worked with us
  • Glossary consistency, consultancy and workflow reports provided by project manager

What you don’t get:

  • Complete guarantee of the results. The final legal responsibilities to provide the desired services lay on freelancers, not on us. The project manager makes the best to assure that the outcome meets the highest criteria, but the legal subjects providing the services are team members.
  • All-inclusive technical support. Outsource Management is not a suitable solution for projects with technical difficulties or advanced technology requirements. No further support from our company is provided.
  • Our standard glossaries and naming conventions for the given industry. No further support from our company is provided.

Read more before you make a decision. Article Agencies vs. Freelancers in translation and content building business in our Knowledge Base.